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Event Tracking

In order to get the most out of Searcheo, we need to track specific user events. Out of the box, Searcheo will track the following events:

  • Acquisition Source (CPC, Organic and Social Media)
  • Conversion (Orders)
  • Add to Cart
  • Search query events
  • Search suggestion clicks


  • Click</li>
  • Page View
  • Custom Events (Quotes, etc.)

Acquisition Sources

Currently, we track CPC events from both Bing and Google, as well as Search Engine and Social Media site referrals.

Visitor Tracking

Visitors will be assigned a unique Searcheo visitor ID that is stored locally on their browser. We do this so we can track their searches, and site activity across multiple sessions. The unique ID is random and does not associate any personal information with the visitor.

NOTE: The one exception is order conversion tracking which may include contact information associated with the order. In other words personally identifiable information (PII).

User Session Tracking

In order to track events for the same session, a session id is automatically generated every 30 minutes. NOTE: This means if a visitor comes back to the site within 30 minutes they will have all of their activity associated with the same session. We do this so that if the checkout is delayed we can still associate the previous event activity with the order.

Search Query Events

Each search query event is recorded with an associated Searcheo Visitor ID and Session ID.

However, because Searcheo can be used for autocomplete also known as search as you type we summarize search queries based on the user session.

Example Search:

In the above example, we have recorded 3 search query events associated with the same visitor and session. However because of text similarity distance, we would show “abc” as the search query for reporting purposes.